Have a Look at the Bright Side of Vasectomy

A vasectomy aka male sterilization is one of the best ways of birth control. It has been proven 100 percent effective at keeping pregnancy at bay.


It has been scientifically proven that vasectomies are almost 100 percent effective when it comes to avoiding pregnancy, but not instantly. It usually takes about 3 months for your semen to be deemed semen free. After a few months post-surgery, your doctor will conduct a simple test known as a semen analysis if you still have some sperm content in your semen. You will ejaculate into a cup or will be using a special condom if you have sex in order to gather the semen sample. If there is no sperm found in the sample, the vasectomy Sydney has successfully accomplished. Never have unprotected sex until and unless your doctor says it is safe to do so. A vasectomy is effective as it is permanent in nature and you can never mess this up. It keeps the pregnancy at bay for the rest of your life. So, once there are no sperms found in your semen, you are safe to have unprotected sex.

Protection from STDs

No. A vasectomy doesn’t protect you or your partners from the STDs. Semen is still potent enough to carry STDs even though it is sperm free. And for many STDs, all you require is a skin to skin contact in order to be infected from the same. Always use condoms to lower the risks of being infected by STDs.


Vasectomies are super safe for most of the people, but almost every medical procedures come bearing risks. Vasectomies are deemed permanent, so it comes with a cost that cannot be reversed. Vasectomies are extremely safe and only a handful people face complications. But like every medical procedure, there are many risks. The most commons ones are minor and easily treatable.

Who can get a vasectomy?

People with penises and testicles are meant to get vasectomy. The doctor will discuss your health with you to determine and ensure that vasectomy is safe for you. You should only get one if you are super sure that you don’t want or are not being able to have kids for the rest of your life. Vasectomy is never a good choice if:

  1. You are wanting to have a child biologically in the imminent future.
  2. You are being pressured by your spouse, friends, or family.
  3. You are hoping that a vasectomy will solve temporary problems like marriage or sexual problems, short-term physical or mental illnesses, financial worries, or being unemployed.

Can it be reversed?

Vasectomies make a permanent effect and it cannot be undone. There are many rare cases where it can be reversed, but guarantee isn’t ensured, meaning your fertility may not come back. When you go for a vasectomy reversal, understand that it is a complicated procedure and can cost you a fortune.

And before you get a vasectomy done, ponder on any radical life changes that could affect you in the future, for instance, a divorce, new spouse, or your children’s death. You don’t need your spouse’s permission to get your vasectomy done, but ensure to discuss this with them.

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