Here is Everything You Need to Know about the Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There were days in the inception of laser hair treatment where there were a lot of regulations between who could benefit from it and who couldn’t. There could only be a selected few who could make the most of it. It was painful as well. But today with the latest technological advancements like Vectus, those painful days are gone for good.

This laser treatment is suitable for every skin type

The Vectus laser comes equipped with the FDA approved melanin reader. In other words, you can customize the laser beam for any type of skin texture, any ethnicity and any kind of lifestyle. It is ideal for all kinds of hair and skin tones. The laser can also be adjusted for light or dark hair, varying thickness levels and your exceptional skin color. The outdated laser removal systems would forbid all this to the present day as they would create skin pigmentation issues around the hair follicles. When people have deeper skin color and lighter hair, then the laser hair removal wouldn’t be ideal for them.

Vectus laser hair removal treatment is painless

épilation au laser Vectus is chosen by many as it is the fastest and most effective hair removal laser and it is painless as well. Also, keep in mind that the risks and permanent side effects from this treatment are rare to minimum and you also have lower chances of obtaining ingrown hair that comes out after having and waxing. People claim that laser hair removal is less painful and straining that waxing and shaving. The best part is that it can be achieved in a few sessions only.

Laser Vectus can remove body hair from any part of your body

This treatment is ideal for getting rid of underarm, facial, bikini line, arm and leg hair. It is also ideal for eliminating the hair on your back and chest hair on men. No matter where you have hair on your body, this laser treatment got you covered and forever. Vectus laser hair removal treatment is FDA approved and can get rid of body hair with a few sessions. This hair treatment is beneficial and doesn’t entail much risk.

It is different from other treatments

The Vectus laser hair removal treatment comes equipped with the largest spot size available and it also has the highest uniform beam profile as well. In other words, this treatment has faster sessions as it covers larger areas in small amount of time. You may need around 3 to 7 sessions to get rid of the body hair as well as its regrowth permanently. The laser operates by centering the light on the hair follicles, getting them heated and destroying them. This treatment is precise in nature and never damages the surrounding skin.

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