Popular Spa Treatments to Enjoy Often for Health and Wellness

Spa heaven is a place that offers ultimate relaxation body treatment and massage packages. There are many spa facilities to choose ranging from extraordinary to exceptional ones offering skilled therapists and outstanding menus. Spa treatments include –

  • Body treatment
  • Facials
  • Massage therapy
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Thermal experience

Popular Spa treatment


Massage is the popular treatment at any spa facility because it offers relaxation, which has an optimistic effect on the body and mind. If you reside in Sherbrook or Quebec City then visit www.stromspa.com to check the different kind of special packages offered. You will get wide massage style options including –

  • Swedish massage
  • Hot stones massage
  • Thermal experience
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu
  • Thai
  • Lomi-lomi
  • Kids massage
  • Pregnancy massage therapy
  • Sports rehabilitation massage
  • Postural disorder massage

Any kind of massage style, you opt for the therapist needs to be trained and experienced. There are some therapeutic massage styles like reflexology and Thai that will need the therapist to be trained specially. Even pregnancy prenatal massage will need specific technique and precautions.


Facials also include plenty of options including

  • Anti-aging treatment
  • Oxygenating treatment
  • Complex lifting treatment
  • Hydration treatment
  • Lift and light treatment

Facials have same basic steps such as cleansing, extracting, exfoliating, massaging, and lastly masking. The difference will be in the kind of skin care products utilized in every kind of facial. The esthetician at the spa facility will check your skin type and recommend a suitable facial treatment.

Body treatments

Basic body scrub allows exfoliating external dead skin using salt or sugar or coffee grounds or fruit enzymes that help to loosen inner cellular bonds gently. It is followed by shower and application of cream. Many people choose to combine it with hydrating or detoxifying body wrap, after exfoliating.

How to enjoy spa treatments?

Reach the spa a little early but make sure not to drink alcohol or eat heavy meal before massage session. Arriving early offers some time to check-in and calm down. You can even enjoy other amenities like hot tub or the steam bath. Warm muscles make it easy for therapist to obtain good results.

You can choose to wear comfy clothes but make sure that the therapist can access areas that need to be massaged. Be responsive and let the therapist know your needs in advance. Even during massage give feedback about the movement speed or pressure level that made you feel uneasy.

Breathe deeply, if you are anxious during the massage. It will help you relax. After massage, enjoy some silent time given as the therapist leaves the room. This time helps body absorb results.

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