Pressing Dental Issues That Can Be Sorted Effectively by Getting Implants

Our teeth are put through a lot of pressure every day. What if your teeth show signs of wear and tear? It gets very difficult to ignore toothache and chipped teeth. You wouldn’t be able to relish your favourite food. A missing tooth is not just a cosmetic issue. Apart from decreasing a person’s confidence, the person experiences difficulty when chewing and structural complications.

The available solutions are Dental bridges, implants and dentures. Other than in some exceptional cases, dental implants are recommended for many. They look natural, are more comfortable and last long than the other alternatives. They are the popular choice as they are more effective.

Signs when implants are necessary:

Missing teeth: Most of us won’t be comfortable walking around with missing teeth. It would feel embarrassing to interact with other people. Dentist would examine the underlying cause of missing tooth/teeth. The dentist examines the gums and checks if there are signs of stress in gums and then suggest if implants are required for you.

Cracked tooth: with cracked and broken tooth, your treatment options narrow down to dental crown and implants. Dentists usually strive to maintain the original structure of your teeth. However at times, when the damage of a tooth is heavy, the ideal solution is to extract it and replace it with an implant.

Loose-fitting dentures: Ill-fitted or old dentures can result in discomfort overtime. Implants prove to be the best alternative to this. It’s a more permanent and stable solution. The rates of gum irritation and infection are reduced. You won’t have to be cautious about your dentures falling out in public too.


Jaw bone loss: Use of implant helps in preventing bone loss in the jaw. The implant rests on the socket of jaw bone and serves as an artificial tooth root.  This causes the implant to bond with the bone tissue causing the tooth to develop just like normal teeth.

Deeply Infected Tooth: A teeth infection leaves one with so much pain. If the infection is far spread, it cannot be fixed and your best bet is an implant. Your dentist decides this after thoroughly examining your infected teeth.

Advantages of implants:

  • You’ll naturally feel great: Since they function no different from normal teeth, they feel comfortable.
  • They are durable: They need to be replaced only once in 5 or 10 years.
  • It boosts your confidence: They fit in securely unlike dentures and look natural. You can eat your favourite stuff and confidently flash a wide smile.

If you feel implants serve your needs, talk to your dentist and get yourself examined. Your dentist would guide you in the process.

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