Six Common Reasons Teenagers Experiment with Drugs or Alcohol

Teen drug addiction has become a serious problem the society has to deal with. Because drug addiction affects the mind of the sufferer, it can result in behaviors that are beyond normal that may even be detrimental to others. Drug addiction usually begins with experimenting and there are many reasons teenagers do so. These include the following:

They are Depressed

A number of teenagers experiment with drugs to escape from reality. Depression allows them to see these substances as a way to forget their sadness and feel happier. Teen drug abuse is their attempt to self-medicate.

They Feel Bored

A lot of teenagers experiment with drugs because they are bored and do not have deeper interests. They tend to see addictive substances like drugs and alcohol as pastime they can explore. It is important for parents to give their teens more responsibilities and activities to engage in so they do not have time to use alcohol or drugs.

They are Curious

Everyone is curious about things and teenagers start to experiment with alcohol and drugs as they want to know what it feels like. They tend to have the delusion that they are invincible. Although they know these substances are not good, they will only believe in things they have tried. This makes it important for parents to educate their children on the repercussions of drug abuse.

They Want to Lose Weight

Young females usually turn to harder drugs like cocaine to lose weight quickly. The teenage years is when girls start to be conscious of their body and feel desperate to slim down to look more attractive to the opposite sex. As a result, addicted teenagers may also struggle with a co-occurring disorder like bulimia or anorexia.

They Have a Low-Esteem

A lot of teenagers have low self-esteem because of the way they look or they lack friends. Unfortunately, this can result in self-destructive behaviors. Their family, bullies, and even the media may put pressure o them to act and look a particular way, leaving them losing their self-confidence when they fail to meet such standards. To escape reality, teenagers turn to drugs or alcohol.

They Want to Fit In

As teenagers start to think that everybody else is doing it, they will experiment with drugs without hesitation. Usually, they feel like they have to join in to fit in their circle of friends. That is why parents must be aware of their children’s friends to help them avoid this kind of engagement.

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