Why Do Candles Help You Breathe Easier?

Candles come in many forms and they can also be classified by their composition. The three most popular ones are, geranium, orange, and geraniol. These oils are used in the aromatherapy to promote relaxation, analgesia, panic attacks, depression, sleeping problems, for pain relief, and in the area of mental health.

While these oils can be applied externally, they can also be used internally to treat skin care problems like acne, dandruff, and dry skin. The candles aromatherapy has also been used to promote relaxation and emotional balance. If you want to learn more about this interesting form of aromatherapy, here are some candle scents and types to get you started.

Dandelion is a naturally occurring plant and it is commonly used to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, depression, and poor memory. Dandelion is also great for people who have headaches and back pain. This has natural sedative properties that can relieve the stress of everyday life. After you take the candle packaging off to reveal the candle, you can apply the candle oil on your forehead and back of your neck.

Henna, also known as Red Willow Bark, is a warm, rich aromatic oil which has been used for centuries to treat skin conditions and infections. You can put this oil on your chest and shoulders to treat your anxiety and tension. It can also be taken internally to treat stomach pains, kidney problems, and colds.

Rose is another common candle that you can use for a variety of uses. It has been used traditionally to treat hot flashes, insomnia, and skin infections. It has also been found to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and it is a natural treatment for memory loss and fatigue.

This oil is also used for a wonderful use to treat social anxiety. You can spray the oil directly on your feet, or you can apply it to your face. When applied to your feet, it relieves stress and social anxiety. You can also take rose tea internally to relieve headaches, sinus problems, and mild rheumatism.

While the most favorite candles are citrus, cedar, and grapefruit, there are many other wonderful oils that you can use. So if you want to find a stress reliever, a stress buster, a pain reliever, or a pain buster, you can get started today.

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